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Shop Sustainably This Christmas: Join the Eco Age

Celebrating Christmas in a more mindful way is becoming more attractive around the world. Many households are transforming in a more eco-conscious manner, leaving behind less of an environmental footprint. It is indicated that a significant number of Australians want to expand their understanding of humanity's impact on the environment and intent on living more sustainable lives.

However, on average, many Australian households still increase their waste annually by 30 per-cent. Around $400 million AUD is wasted on unsustainable gifts, and our environment is exceedingly suffering due to the single use plastics present in gift wrapping and decorations.

With this in mind, have you ever wondered how you could spend Christmas avoiding fast fashion and making conscious clothing decisions without breaking the bank? It is not difficult to minimise your negative environmental and health effects by buying sustainable gifts.

This year you have the wonderful opportunity to reduce waste and your carbon footprint. By buying from sustainable startups, you can directly support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 [Climate Action], Goal 12 [Responsible Consumption and Production] , Goal 8 [Decent Work and Economic Growth] and Goal 6 [Clean Water and Sanitation] and just about all the Global Goals, whilst purchasing their merchandise as gifts for your family and friends.

SDG Impactors, a recent startup by UQ alumna Runali Maniya, may just be your solution away from fast fashion.

Too often we purchase gifts that are unwanted, unessential and unsustainable, often ending up forgotten, never to be used. This unparalleled 2020, you and your family and friends could support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by buying sustainable shirts as gifts with the 17 SDGs on them to Leave No One Behind. The SDG impactors clothing aims to raise awareness on the Global Goals to help end poverty, zero hunger, health and wellbeing, quality education and more. But if you’re unfamiliar with the SDGs, you’re not alone.

“The 2019 World Economic Forum Survey showed that only 5 percent of people in Australia and only 26 per cent globally are very familiar with these goals.”

Image Source: World Economic Forum Survey 2019

Every individual has the power and responsibility to bring positive change into the world, and you could start your sustainable journey by making more environmentally friendly decisions this December. Christmas may be about family and your loved ones, but it is also important to spread awareness and raise your collective voices. So, by wearing sustainable fashion this Christmas you can potentially influence other people to do the same.

At SDG Impactors not only do we ethically source our supplies, but our “clothes are 100 % Airlume combed, ring-spun and long staple cotton, which is the purest form of cotton that feels softer than short staple cotton. Our clothes feature high Eco-friendly dyes that are resistant to discoloration and fade. Thus, designs will stay vibrant and our clothes live longer. We also trust our suppliers to deliver high-quality products that will last many washes while keeping the elasticity great.”

So before you buy this Christmas, think ethically, reform what you buy and you will be on your way to a more sustainable festive season that will have a positive impact in your community and the world!


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