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SDG IMPACTORS is a social enterprise that seeks to create awareness among people about Sustainable Development Goals through encouraging and supporting actions that lead to a better future for all.

Our Logo

Our logo consists 17 circles which represents 17 colors of sustainable development goals developed by the United Nations and the earth symbol in the middle represents the nations across the globe.

Each circle gets bigger in size while connecting to another circle which reflects the effect of a small step towards a big change.



I’m Runali. 

A firm believer of “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”.

While studying Master of Business with Organizational Sustainability in Australia, I realized that there is a lack of awareness among people about the sustainable development goals and it's necessary to take the first step towards a big change - "Creating the Awareness".

I want to bring awareness among people as a part of their day to day lifestyle. I saw clothing as a blank canvas that could be used to spread powerful messages and inspire people to act!  What we wear reveals who we are. And that's how the idea of SDG Impactors was born.

To turn this idea into reality, I teamed up with two more fashion minded individuals: a girl who is an aspiring graphic designer and an experienced fabric expert. As a team we continuously focus on high quality clothing line with an added fashion flair that serves a good cause!!

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"A ‘Wear to be Aware’ startup raising awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals."

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